Agent John Fowler - An Interview


You want me to tell you a little about myself? I mean what do I say? I’m just a guy who solves crimes; a detective. I mean sometimes . . . ok all the time, I notice things when people are talking or even just moving or being still. They move a certain way or act a certain way and in my head, I don’t know, something clicks and I know if they’re telling the truth or not. The problem is sometimes I don’t know what they’re lying about. I mean you’ve still got to have physical evidence to go on. Just because I know you’ve done something wrong doesn’t mean I can prove it. (He pauses a second and then grins.) But it does help that I know I’m on the right track. (He pauses and looks around uncomfortably.)


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Agent Jessica Hammerstein - An Interview

You want me to tell you something about myself? Well, I was the youngest of 5 kids. I grew up further south than John did. I know . . . he thinks I’m from Michigan or Ohio. My parents hated the idea of me dancing, even though I love it. I am not the witch that most of the male members of the FBI think I am. Yes, I am a good interrogator. Ok, that’s not true. I’m the best in the office, and probably the bureau. I know guys think I look good, so I use it against them. And yes I do love making some of these jerks squirm.

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David Carner, Author

dc001It was was around 6 months ago I began blogging. I started with a simple bucket list. #10 on that list was to make a living as a writer. I found myself looking at that bucket list every day thinking, well, why can't I write. I'll tell you why, I can't physically write. My handwriting looks horrendous. I had terrible writing before my arm surgery, and now. . . it's dang near unreadable. I always laugh when I think I was in the last class of typewriting at CCHS. I dare say if computers hadn't become what they have, my writing dream would have been nothing more than a dream.

So now I have the tools, but what to write. I'm not one for deep technical details or descriptions, but I know how to tell a story. Strangely enough it started because my buddy David Wilhelm wanted to write fantasy wrestling and have someone write with him. I looked back over some of those things I had written over 10 years ago the other night, and it really should be no surprise about how I currently write. My writing was story and character driven then.

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