Agent Jessica Hammerstein - An Interview

You want me to tell you something about myself? Well, I was the youngest of 5 kids. I grew up further south than John did. I know . . . he thinks I’m from Michigan or Ohio. My parents hated the idea of me dancing, even though I love it. I am not the witch that most of the male members of the FBI think I am. Yes, I am a good interrogator. Ok, that’s not true. I’m the best in the office, and probably the bureau. I know guys think I look good, so I use it against them. And yes I do love making some of these jerks squirm.

As for John and Sam, I don’t know if I should tell this. John doesn’t know a lot of things that happened while he was undercover. I think it’s best I talk to John first. I did take care of a lot of things while John was gone from the FBI. I did let his mom know how he was. I did a lot of things that I know I didn’t have to, but John wasn’t ready to deal with things. John (she pauses) John doesn’t deal with people the way you or I do. He sees thing differently, so sometimes he needs some help.

As for me, of course I love to dance. I enjoy watching others dance, but I don’t go to a lot of shows because I think, “what if?” I love MMA. The bloodier the better. You know what else I love? Plain cheesecake. I don’t understand why all the fruit is necessary on top of it. It’s perfect and all you’re doing is messing with perfection.

I know this isn’t an award or anything, but can I thank someone? Ok, good. I would like to thank Senator Cosby for putting this team together. The three of us, four if you count Trip, we’ve got to work some of the greatest cases ever. If he hadn’t helped me in the beginning. Huh? Oh you didn’t know. See, one of my first cases, I almost caused a lady to have an episode or something. Apparently I was (pauses and looks a bit sheepish) grilling her a bit too hard. I didn’t know she had dementia. All I knew is her story kept changing and she was being inconsistent. Do you know he laughed at me!?! I nearly killed that poor lady and he has the audacity to laugh at me!! He makes me so furious. John, that‘s who!! If you don’t mind, I have some paperwork to do.



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